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A Surprise

I first saw it about two months ago. The Milly Emilie dress, known here as the Milly Beetle Dress. I longed for it, but alas, it was too pricey. I stalked Mint Julep (fortunately there is one in my neighborhood), always afraid that someone would purchase the dress. My dress. The Friday before the Fourth I popped into the shop again, noting that there was only one left in all the stores in my size. Gasp! I tried it on, and, of course, it fit perfectly and looked beautiful. I was texting with Mr. BF, and our conversation went something like this:

Mr. BF: What do you want to do for dinner tonight?
Me: I want to buy this dress even if it means I can't afford to eat for a week. It's so pretty! Argh, I have to take it off now - quickly! Before it latches on to my body!

I took the dress off, said my goodbyes, and walked out the door. I met Mr. BF around the corner, sighing at the loss of my dress. He told me he had some errands to run before dinner, so I decided to use the time to get a pedicure.

A few minutes later I was in the salon, feet in water, when - quite suddenly- some man looking suspiciously like Mr. BF entered and plopped a Mint Julep bag down next to me. He pivoted and strode right out, without saying a word. I picked up the bag, and, you won't believe it (well, you will, because you see me wearing it here) but the dress was inside! I couldn't run after him - a woman was scrubbing my feet! I frantically picked up the phone and called repeatedly. Finally I noticed he was standing outside the salon peeking in at me. "The look on your face right now is priceless", he said. "Totally worth it". 

So thank you, thank you, thank you, to my wonderful Mr. BF - you are the best husband a woman could have, and not just because you surprised me with a pretty dress (though that doesn't hurt). Meet you on the balcony tonight for mojitos? 

Dress: Milly from Mint Julep
Shoes: Target
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters 

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  1. love this outfit!
    And wow! Great glasses you have!

    xxx London

  2. This dress is really pretty :)

  3. Love the dress and Mr BF sounds like an absolute doll!

  4. oh its gorgeous!!! i want one too...what brand is it or does Mint Julep have their own label and designs?
    what a unique dress, fits you perfectly too!

  5. @anastasia The brand is Milly - it's one of my favorite brands for cute little dresses. Here is their website:

  6. @Lissy, Miss L I couldn't believe he bought it! The best part: When he went into the shop, he asked, "Was there just a woman in here trying on a dress?". Um...its a dress shop...Too cute.

  7. Anonymous7/12/2011

    omg too cute!! LOVING the blog. I borrowed some animal print inspiration from you just the other day!

  8. Anonymous7/12/2011

    Love the sunglasses! so glam. I need to start making appearances at Mint Julep. What a pretty dress!

    Miss Neira

  9. Ramon Ramon7/12/2011

    Looking swell, darling.

  10. Such a cute story!
    The dress if Fab! Looks ah-mazing on you! The color combo on it is great. And the beetles? Too cute.

  11. mr. bf is a little cutie! what a lovely surprise (:

  12. how lovely photos! so summer and so much happiness :)
    you really have a great outfit, i love it!:)

  13. Milly is one of my favorite designers! Go go go Mr. Bf!

  14. I knew Mr BF rocked!! Love the dress, love the story behind, love it all!!! Oh and I am coming over for mojitos!

  15. The dress is ADORABLE! And so is Mr BF. That story is too cute and you look great in it!

  16. Ramon Ramon7/12/2011

    Lord knows we have enough home grown mint!

  17. Anonymous7/12/2011

    My man Ray! A good guy all the way around.

    Beyond smart, eh? :)


  18. such a fun dress! Love Milly. Great sunglasses too- so fab!

  19. Sweetest. Story. Ever. Isn't it great when husbands understand our fashion addiction?

    The dress looks great on you. congrats!

  20. Awww, that's a really cute story- so sweet of him! The dress looks great on you :)

    star-crossed smile

  21. OMG my heart just melted!! What a sweetheart!! Love it and you look so happy and amazing in it!! Good job Mr. BF :)

  22. what a lovely lovely boyfriend!! they dress is also quite lovely. i love milly such a great designer!


  23. Ah, so sweet, and what a great man you have! The dress is fabulous, but made even better by this great story!

  24. Ummm, where on earth did you find this fabulous Mr. BF? I would probably pass out cold if my husband ever walked in with a dress for me, haha! This is the best story ever and I am SO happy you got the dress. It looks like it was made for you.

  25. you look breathtaking in these pictures! that dress - WOW! i would be drooling over it as well. good job on the Mr.! sounds like a keeper :)

    awkwardly chic

  26. Oh wow...that is so great!! What a great boyfriend!! Amazing! And the dress is definitely a great buy!

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