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The Pink List at Mint Julep

Last Thursday I enjoyed attending a soiree for The Pink List Boston at Mint Julep in Harvard Square. The Pink List is a membership group for moms that offers deals on boutiques, spa treatments, children's activities, fitness and other goodies. Mint Julep is one of my favorite shops around town; they are always stocked with pretty dresses, bright jewelery, and fun accessories like Merimekko umbrellas and beaded coin purses. The two seem like a good match!

Mint Julep looked inviting with balloons and refreshments (pink champagne by Secco and and lots of cookies and cupcakes) and the Pink List founders were on hand to talk about the benefits of membership, which was offered at a $5 discount (it's still a steal at the full price). And, of course, it is always a blast to see all the goodies in the shop!

Look at this charming rack of dresses! And exclusive accessories abound at Mint Julep. There were necklaces with dioramas of exquisite birds (I bought one), a chunky, geological necklace (too rich for my blood) and lovely little change purses, beaded with animals and anchors (and we all know my love for anchors).

And leave it to Mint Julep to introduce me to my newest shopping crave...this adorable dress by Milly - one of my favorite brands for sweet, summer frocks. How whimsical and oddly beautiful is this print? Jolie Laide!

Are you a member of any membership discount clubs like The Pink List? Have you found them to be beneficial?

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