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A Sundress

Is Mad Men still cool? I don't even know. I don't watch Mad Men. Yes, America, I said it. I don't watch Mad Men. I'm not even particularly romantic about the sixties in general. Racism, sexism, war...aren't we still dealing with those things, although sometimes on a more internalized level? Why do we romanticize previous decades? I do it, particularly with British period dramas. Do I really want to live in the Victorian era where I have no career, must write under a man's name and wear a corset every day? God, NO.

But I DO like wiggle dresses and cardigans. A wiggle dress is one in which the circumference of the hem is less than that of the hips. So you have to keep your legs closer together, which makes a little "wiggle" when you walk. I think it also gives you a fantastic, curvy line.

Hello hourglass! If you do like sixties clothes, you will be happy to know that Banana Republic will be offering a Mad Men inspired line. Do you have a decade or a style that you particularly love? Flapper? Forties? Victorian? Poodle skirts? Bell bottoms? Do you feel like you are channeling a time when you wear them, or do you just like how they look? A mix of both?

P.S. Support local (and lovely) business and check out the sale at Mint Julep this week! I'll be there looking for the Milly beetle dress. They have a great online shop, too!

Dress: Milly (consigned, Second Time Around)
Cardigan: Betsey Johnson
Shoes: Target
Watch & Sunglasses: Michael Kors

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