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Sack, Quack

I am not sure if this dress is meant to fit the way it does. I won't lie, there was only one left in the store, and it was three sizes too big for me. Did I go home, defeated? Not this intrepid fashionista with a favorite tailor! After some deliberating, my tailor and I decided on bringing in this dress to nice sack dress proportions.

I'm considering having it taken in a little bit more - it is still a bit wide on my shoulders. But I like the shapelessness of the body of the dress, which makes for easy movement and comfortability on a day when it was 91 degrees outside. 

I might have been stomping around the park in my Jeffrey Campbells, but apparently Mother Nature didn't mind. Or at least this mother duck - she waddled right over to me with her two babies! They actually watched me shooting for about ten minutes - if these are the new "creepers" I will totally take them! 

Dress: Chaiken
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell c/o Need Supply
Watch & Sunglasses: Michael Kors

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