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Sack, Quack

I am not sure if this dress is meant to fit the way it does. I won't lie, there was only one left in the store, and it was three sizes too big for me. Did I go home, defeated? Not this intrepid fashionista with a favorite tailor! After some deliberating, my tailor and I decided on bringing in this dress to nice sack dress proportions.

I'm considering having it taken in a little bit more - it is still a bit wide on my shoulders. But I like the shapelessness of the body of the dress, which makes for easy movement and comfortability on a day when it was 91 degrees outside. 

I might have been stomping around the park in my Jeffrey Campbells, but apparently Mother Nature didn't mind. Or at least this mother duck - she waddled right over to me with her two babies! They actually watched me shooting for about ten minutes - if these are the new "creepers" I will totally take them! 

Dress: Chaiken
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell c/o Need Supply
Watch & Sunglasses: Michael Kors

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  1. Mm, it's a pretty dress and looks like one of those smock dresses. Or shift dresses. Or whatever they're called :D

    It actually fits you nicely and doesn't look large or anything.


  2. Love the red!!! Its a really pretty color and fit. Great look!

  3. i love a great shift/sack dress! you accessorized it quite well :)


  4. the color of that dress is so pretty! i would have never guessed that it was once way too big!

    dash dot dotty

  5. Ramon Ramon7/07/2011

    those ducks are adorable.

  6. So I went back into your old posts to get your definition of creepers (which is spot on). I call them creepsters- a subtle difference, I know. However, baby ducks might be the best creepers/creepsters ever. Clearly they also found your dress lovely!

  7. @A Stylized Hysteria, Ramon Ramon They came back today! Well, same park, different ducks. Waddled like 3 feet from me. Clearly, they are unconcerned with the ways of the humans.

  8. I love you new friends! I was driving down memorial the other day and ran into a mini-traffic jam. Before I started beeping and flying into a state of roadrage, I luckily noticed they were a family of ducks crossing the street. My heart instantly melted.

    PS, a good tailor is like solid gold. They are magic workers!

  9. FABULOUS! That dress is perfection, and kudos to you for being able to take a dress 3x too big and have the vision to make it work! Brava my dear!

    And to your new creeper friends - j'adore! :)

    p.s. please forgive my kookiness, as it's nearing my red eye flight back to Boston. Happy weekend friend!

  10. Cute outfit, but you know my favorite part (besides the duckies) is going to be that cardigan!

    Tailors are like husbands: pick the right one and you'll always feel good about yourself.

  11. I like it and I'm not a fan of wearing tight dresses all the time anyways. Love the nails girl!!