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Oh, outfit photos. The daily trek to my porch, or to the local scenic spot where I set up the tripod and get to snapping photos. It's really not a problem...until other people decide they want to get involved! Holly Dolly calls them "Creepers".  Jen from A Little Bird Told Me calls this experience the "secret shame" of the outfit blogger. I've only been blogging since March, and I have already enjoyed a number of outfit photo shoot humiliations.

My porch is fairly secluded, so I don't get a lot of watchers there, though I did recently surprise some repair men. However, on days I know I can't get home before dusk, I run to the park down the street from my office for a mid-day photo shoot. There are always other folks in the park, which is fine, parks are public space and all, but a lot of folks seem to be very interested in just what exactly I am photographing.

The usual suspects are vaguely employed middle aged men, and I suspect these are the "creepers" to whom Holly refers. They see what I am up to and straight up watch. Sometimes they offer tips, which would not result in the type of photographs appropriate for this blog. I have found that the best method here is to ignore them; my requests to be left alone are met with vitriol and vehemence (Don't get me started on why some men seem to think that womens' whole purpose in life is to stroll around, smile, and flirtingly respond whenever we are spoken to, no matter who the speaker is and what the comment may be).

Lest we get too bleak, however, there are a number of normal, friendly people who are just curious about what I'm doing. "What are you taking pictures of?", people will often ask, as if there is something really cool just past me, like synchronized swimming geese or a rabbit village. Sometimes I tell them. Sometimes I don't. It sounds a little narcissistic to say that I am taking photos of myself, and maybe it is? Though the topic of the narcissistic nature of blogging can be discussed another day....

Sometimes, after I've admitted I'm a fashion blogger, women or girls will chat with me for a few minutes about their favorite shops and styles, and this friendly repartee is always wonderful. These few conversations more than make up for the creepers! And at the top of the list of Things I Have Learned Since Blogging, is this lesson: to be unabashedly me. Maybe I'm weird, but I am happy this way! Bloggers, what are your outfit photo experiences? Readers, what would you think if you saw someone randomly taking photos of themselves? Would you approach them?

Jeans: Gap
Necklace: Shop Calico
Ring: Shop Calico
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Michael Kors (similar)

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  1. First, love the necklace!

    I haven't had the types of experiences you have, yet, but my first tripod experience was outside of work. I happen to work near an engineering firm and one guy stopped and gawked. I have to admit that I felt embarrassed that an engineer gave me the WTH look. But, as I do this more, I'll get more comfortable.

    I saw a fashion blogger taking photos near Porter Sq a few weeks ago and literally squealed with delight to the Mr. I felt pride for actually seeing a fashion shoot going down. Unfortunately I don't know who the person was but I would have loved to have seen those photos online.

  2. great pictures, we really love your michael kors sunnies!
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  3. We've yet to venture into the world outside of our home to take full-out outfit photos! Perhaps it is the fear of said creepers, although I'd attribute it more to my natural instinct to turn into an idiot in front of the camera whenever anyone aside from my family or my boyfriend is watching! (The end results could be disastrous!)

    These photos are gorgeous though, and whatever amount of creeping took place was totally worth it! I love your necklace, and that elephant ring is too cool! :)

    sorelle in style

  4. thanks for the comment, doll
    love your necklace xox

  5. Ha, loved this post and the photos.

    Pretty and casual!

    I'd come up to you if I saw you taking pics somewhere.. C'mon, m'lady, they all see you look so happy and friendly and approachable ;-)))

    It's kinda funny and cute though that you have your own little 'fan club' :D


  6. Oh man, the creepers I was referring to are definitely the ones you mentioned. The men who get too close, stare too much, and ask what other types of photos I take of myself. Ick. But I have come across some very nice people who are just curious as to what I am doing. They smile nicely and leave me to do my thing haha.

  7. And to the first comment by Michele - ooh ooh was it me?! I sometimes take photos near the Shaws in Porter Sq. That would be funny if it was.

  8. @Michele Oh, I don't mean to make you feel like it is going to be bad. Most of the time it goes down with a few occasional looks from passerby. I don't know if I would shoot right outside my office, though! Not that the blog is SECRET at work, it's just a different part of me than the work me, if that makes sense...

  9. @le sorelle Back when I first started, I had Mr. BF take the photos. I quickly saw that was not going to work out, as I felt goofy and our schedules did not really mesh. A tripod was purchased quickly and is so valuable for the solo outside shots!

  10. @samantha rae, Michele, lesorelle The necklace was from Shop Calico, too! They don't have it on their website, but they may have more in stock if you shoot them an email to ask! The elephant ring is definitely still in stock.

  11. @HollyDolly "Ask what other types of photos I take of myself..." EW EW EW EW. Who says things like this? Don't they have daughters???

  12. Love the necklace and ring!! Where did you find the sun?!! or was this from another day?

  13. Anonymous6/23/2011

    LOVE your ring! IT matches a bracelet I wore last week :D

    XO Sahra

  14. Love your necklace!

  15. I love the backdrop! And that pretty necklace!! xo

  16. @Shanna-Marie Beattie I took these Tuesday, back when it wasn't raining all day. Sigh. I miss Tuesday.

  17. I love how relax, chic and gorgeous you look on all your pics!! I love your Michael Kors shades!!

    <3 Marina

  18. Great necklace! I'm a sucker for a neutral top with a big chunky necklace.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a tripod so my photo locations are limited to where I can set up my little Canon point-and-shoot on self-timer :(

  19. Hahaha I run into the same problem sometimes.. People look at me all crazy.. Sometimes I get embarrassed but now I ignore them.. "sigh" it would be nice to have photographer at hand right?

    All the best, Angel