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Subdued but Sensuous?

After Neon Week and a feline inspired outfit, my eyes need a little bit of a break. No wonder I have been drifting towards softer, uncomplicated outfits the past few days. Yesterday it was shorts and moccasins, today a simple skit and jacket combination.

I picked this blouse up at a thrift shop, or a clothing swap, or maybe even eBay.  I'm no thrift store doyenne; it's hard for me to look at a polyester 80's prom dress and think, "with a few snips and hems, this could look amazing!" Clearly, however, I have an eye for the potentially dowdy. There have been many times I have excitedly snatched up a garment only to hear Mr. BF say, "Are you dressing for The Crucible?" But it turns out that a long-sleeved blouse that ties at the neck can look...dare I say...subtly sexy? Especially once you know the fabric is champagne colored silk?

Maybe my idea of sexy is very different than others'...

Top: Vintage
Jacket: J. Crew
Skirt: Ellen Tracy
Shoes: Target
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Watch: Michael Kors

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  1. Eek! Why was the commenting function disengaged this morning? I don't know, but it is up now. Sorry, friends!

  2. Ramon Ramon6/16/2011

    You look lovely, but that dress last weekend was indeed straight from the Crucible!

  3. Nice! I particularly like the action shot -- just so's to see how the fabric moves in the breeze... :-)

  4. Looooved your comment on Gala Darling´s Blog! I´m pretty new to the blogosphere too, but was too afraid to call myself a fashion blogger, because I feared the pressure. But your opinion made me brave: I´m an ALTERNATIVE FASHION blogger (amongst many other topics) or I am still growing to become one! Keep it up! Thanks for voicing your opinion!

    Greetings from Vienna,


  5. @Natalie Neumann Natalie! First off, Bambi sweater is my new must have item. Secondly, I think that if we want to see different viewpoints and different styles and different people in fashion, then we all need to put ourselves out there and do it! And thank you for being brave and for putting yourself out there. Keep up the great work!

  6. I love that you play with different looks and not just stick to one style like many bloggers I know.. Fashion is all about experimenting.. Loving those sunglasses!

    All the best, Angel

  7. I used to have a top like that. I miss it. I think I just outgrew it. I think form-fitting and covered is very sexy, and I love all tops with bows or scarf necklines!

    Live Life in Style

  8. Absolutely loving this look on you and the shots are fabulous!

    <3 Marina