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Style by Salon Acote

Lately, I have been having a hair crisis. You see, I used to have an ultra short, ultra blonde pixie cut (you can see it on my About page). I've been growing it out for the past two years (yes, it takes that long) and I am starting to get to a length where I can do things with it again. There are still some strange layers from the different lengths of the pixie and I would like to go back towards my natural color, which is a darker blonde. Why must the only descriptors for my natural color include words like "dishwater blonde" and "dirty blonde"? These really don't sound attractive. No wonder I have gone "platinum blonde" and "honey blonde" - those just sound prettier!  Finally, I am always on the quest for the elusive Big Hair. And when one's hair is naturally stick straight and doesn't hold a curl (I once had a perm that lasted three days), Big Hair is seriously hard to come by. Anyway, it was fortuitous that in the midst of my hair crisis Salon Acote invited me to one of their styling parties last week!

It was unusually cool for June, that evening, and the rain had been drizzling for days. But as I made my way down Newbury Street, I could hear the invigorating sounds of a jazz band drifting from the open windows of Salon Acote. It's a gorgeous, two story salon, with a breathtaking porch in the back and wide, open windows that look down onto Newbury - perfect for lounging and people watching. With a glass of wine in hand, I sat down in the comfortable salon chair to chat with my stylist for the evening, Melissa, about my hair woes. 

Folks, Melissa is a hair savant. With merely a curling iron and some Oribe hair spray (which smelled so good there is literally no way it can actually be hair spray) she turned my flat, volume-less locks into bouncy, beautiful Big Hair.

Melissa said, "You're going to look crazy, but then you are going to look great!"

Look at this! Gorgeous! I hear wonderful things about all the stylists at Salon Acote - I've gotten tweets about Mihal and word on the street is that Gaston is a genius. I'll definitely be back!

P.S. Salon Acote provided some great tips for Winter Hair Care - see that post here

Dress: Zara (seen here)
Necklace: Daisical
Ring: Modcloth
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Forever 21