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Pride, Not Prejudice

Who doesn't love a parade? Especially one that celebrates equality and love! One of my favorite activities every year is attending the Boston Pride Parade. I love the positive message, the ambiance of openness...and the fabulous outfits.

Unfortunately, the weather was  a bit on the cold and rainy side. Not fabulous. So my dreams of channeling Carmen Miranda in a floral dress and a fruity hat were dampened. But I am not one easily daunted by rain, so I threw on a scarf and bomber jacket, instead of a fruit turban, and all was well! At the end of the day, no matter how incredible the outfits, the whole point of the parade is acceptance, and loving yourself and others for who we really are. That's a message we should remember every day.

Dress: Target
Scarf: Happy Scarf
Jacket: William Rast for Target
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Watch: Michael Kors

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  1. The dress is darling, love it! I missed the parade this year but could hear lots of the partying from home. It didn't seem like the rain really dampened anyone's day!!

  2. @Lissy Thanks, Lissy! I remember one year when it was POURING down rain, and everyone had a blast, anyway. I think it is one of those events that manages to be so fun no matter what the weather!

  3. What a fabulous dress! So glad you had fun at Pride! We didn't make it, but I couldn't agree more with your message about acceptance for all.

  4. hehe, i love that you were planning to dress up as carmen miranda! nevertheless, you looked great for the parade- i love the mix of prints.

  5. I like that cute jacket!! xo

  6. Loving the look.. I completely agree with everything you said about acceptance and loving yourself... Haha and the comment on Ab Fab honestly made me laugh because I do remember that episode..

    All the best, Angel

  7. The dress is so fab I'm sure Carmen would've approved.

  8. fun dress! nearly EVERY year, I am away for boston pride parade. I hope to make it next year! lol

  9. @Jaime @ La vie...J'aime, Michele, Angel, Kavery, Taj, Joelle Thank you all! Boston folks, I hope to see you at Pride next year! For those of you in other places, I'd love to hear about Pride where you live!

  10. Wow you look super cute! And seriously I was driving home after my daughters Ballet class and it took exactly 1 hr and 30 min for a ride that should have only been 20 min max!!! Crazy traffic...realized it was for the parade. Oh well.

  11. #1 - your dress is to.die.for. love love love!

    #2 - you have the most wonderfully radiant smile! i love coming to your page to see your shining face. you're always so full of joy and life and even across the internets i can sense that! thank you for being you and sharing yourself with all of us :)

    awkwardly chic

  12. @suzanne What a kind comment - thank you!

  13. @STYLE'N Yea, the parade kind of goes through the middle of everything! Sorry you got stuck in traffic - it's like you had to pay the price but got none of the fun!

  14. So great! I love going to Pride events too! My best friend is gay and I support him all the time and everyone else! I love your outfit for this look
    Live Life in Style

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