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Bonus Beauty Post: Feathered Hair

It's funny how some trends catch on like wild fire. This summer, I'm seeing feather hair extensions everywhere, and I mean everywhere. They are so popular, the companies that wholesale the feathers are enjoying a serious financial boon, much to the dismay of fisherman, who use the feathers for lures! At the SOWA Open Market last weekend, the busiest booth by far was Feather Fiend, where a long line of women crowded to pick out extensions and have the proprietor, Lana Soussan attach them to their hair. 

Feather Fiend had a large selection of feathers, in a variety of colors. I saw hot pink, neon green and purple (I'd love to see the rooster from which they came). Although my workplace is business casual, I still need to look professional every day, so I chose a more natural look (some brown and red feathers), and had mine placed underneath some hair, so that they just peek out when my hair sways.

You can purchase your extensions either in a clip, or have them put on semi-permanently with a crimp. I was told that the extensions would last about 2 months, and could be taken out at home with pliers, or I could come back to have them taken out. 

I've had the extensions for a week now, and I can wash them, blow dry them, even hit them with the curling iron. I do need to be careful when using a fine tooth comb, so the crimp doesn't snag. They add a little color and flair to my hair, and they create a fun, vibrant look. I imagine at the end of two months, extensions will be passe, but I'll enjoy this summer time trend until then!

And since you want your hair to look pretty with these feathers, check out this post on "Winter Hair Care Tips"!


  1. I've always wanted hair extensions but am a bit worried they'd damage my already fine hair etc...

    Your hair looks very natural, and it's nice to see you looking so-so happy (as I've said before, you look happy in all of your photos!) :D


  2. I have been told that the crimp doesn't damage your hair! WE shall see when I get mine taken out... I always am smiling HUGE in my pics because without the toothy grin, I have Weird Face (TM). You can see it in several of the shots here, most notably the third one!

  3. I love this trend, and I especially love it in blonde hair. And if you're still tempted by brighter colored feathers, sephora has some clip-in ones that look great.

  4. Ray pointed me to your blog as I just posted on facebook about getting feather extensions. I did mine myself, but I too went with the more natural colored ones. I currently have red hair so I picked out blondish colored feathers. A few people at work thought I had something stuck in my hair until I explained that I purposely put feathers there, and others recognized them right away. I am amazed how you can do anything to them, and they stay nice.

  5. @A Stylized Hysteria Great tip! I think I'll get some funky colored feathers for the weekends!

  6. @Pilar Hi Pilar! Thanks for visiting, and thanks for sharing your experience with feather extensions. It's incredible that you can style them with a curling iron, isn't it? I'm glad you like them!!

  7. Nice tips, it is really remarkable how hair extensions could make you so fashionable.

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  9. Wow, this is really amazing. I am so glad that you posted this piece.

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