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Mitigating the Midi

Who would have thought that the midi skirt craze would even exist? I have always been told that the mid-calf length should be avoided at all costs. A mid-calf length is supposed to shorten your line and make your legs seem stumpy. No one wants to look stumpy. Though I kind of like the word stumpy. Unlike other words which I dislike, like shrub. ANYWAY. I was surprised to see the furor with which the midi skirt trend struck.

I picked this skirt up at the end of summer last year at The Garment District for a whopping $9. I had planned to hem it to a shorter length, but I hadn't really touched it over the winter. When I pulled it out at the beginning of the spring, in the midst of midi mayhem, I figured I'd give it a try at it's current length before making the cut!

I ended up really liking the length, much to my surprise! This was one of those break-the-rules moments that worked out really well, like when I tried the maxi dress trend a few weeks ago. So what do you think? Should I leave the skirt at the midi length or hem it up?

Also, I am so excited to have been nominated for Boston's Best Blogger! I'd be thrilled to have your support - vote here!

Top: Forever 21
Shoes: Target
Belt: Gianfranco Ferre
Necklaces: Guess, Urban Outfitters, Cimber Designs, via Stylefixx

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