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Run Baby Run

Yesterday was Marathon Monday here in the Hub and I love the Marathon! I am neither runner, nor partier, I am simply a woman who stands on the route cheering and cheering as the runners go by. I watch in Coolidge Corner, which is about a mile and a half from the finish line, and is a great spot for cheering - the runners have all come a long way, and the end is (literally) in sight. You can see the excitement and determination on their faces, and they seem to appreciate the "You're almost there!" and "You can do it!" calls from the crowd. I particularly like when the runners wear their name / school / team on their shirt, so you can cheer specifically for them.

Anyway, for all of that standing and cheering, you need a cozy outfit. This one is very weekend casual. Leggings, a comfy shirt, boots and a statement necklace are pretty much all you need to look chic, feel comfortable and stay focused on cheering!

Now, I'm off to make some tea and rest my voice until next Marathon Monday...

Shirt: Gap
Boots: Walter Steiger
Sunglasses: Michael Kors
Necklace: Vintage (I actually don't know what the crest is - if you recognize it, let me know!)

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