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Red Riding Hood

How many of you went to go see Red Riding Hood when it was out in theaters? I kept saying I was going to, but as usual, I never actually made it to the movies. Now I have to wait for it to come out on OnDemand (which is actually better; I like to pause for snacks and bathroom breaks). So I haven't yet seen the film, but I was enchanted by the beautiful images in the trailers and in W Magazine.

So what do you think, did I go too literal? I didn't feel that way when I was wearing the outfit (although that is supposed to be my "My What Big Eyes You Have Face" above, but I just kept laughing). That said, all white with a voluminous red sweater is pretty much a direct modern version of Red's costume... And! I'll make things additionally morbid by admitting that my earrings are made out of bone. Now there's something to scream about!

These earrings were a gift from Mr. BF, purchased in a little boutique in Vermont. I actually love the carving! I don't know what kind of bone it is, but they are very smooth and almost lustrous. Anyway, what do you think? Inspired, but wearable, or Halloween costume?

Top: Oscar de la Renta
Skirt: Swapped!
Shoes: Etienne Aigner
Belt: Gianfranco Ferre
Sunglasses: Michael Kors
Earrings: Boomerang (Brattleboro, Vermont)