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Memorial Day 2020

When I took these photos a year ago, I had been pregnant for about 5 minutes, the world had never heard of covid-19, and I was super into safari-style clothes - one of those things is still true! As the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays (second only to the 4th of July), and though it looks very different for us this year, I am still looking forward to spending a ton of time outside, eating a perfect cheeseburger, and listening to classic rock. And while I won't be doing those things at a big BBQ, I'm feeling a lot of gratitude that I'll be doing them with Mr. TBF, two furry cats, and our four-month-old partner in crime. Here are a few things I'm into right now, making my backyard the best place to be...

I originally bought throwbeds for the baby, but I confess that I spend quite a bit of time on them, too (I'm laying on one in the yard as I type this). I was originally inspired by these and these, but found a more affordable version at Target - this dotted one is awesome, and was sold out when I originally ordered mine 😕. [Updated: These are also gorgeous and a medium price point.]

I've been listening to this playlist from another Boston area blogger and designer Oh I Design. While it isn't classic rock, there is a very chill Harvest Moon cover!

Might just need to order more of The Marigny Carbonic Pinot Noir... it's perfect for lounging in an Adirondack chair at sunset.

And as for backyard attire, this giant hat is keeping me covered. It makes even jeans and a tee look intentional and chic. 

Hope you safely enjoy your long weekend!

DRESS: Sea New York Kinney Dress, Sandals: M.Gemi, BAG: Pourchet SUNGLASSES: J.McLaughlin PHOTOS: Samantha Watson 

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