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Color Changes Everything

Enbrighten cafe lights
Who is ready for summer? Time to decorate the porch with Enbrighten cafe and landscape lights.

Enbrighten cafe lights change color
With the click of a remote, you can change Enbrighten lights from soft white to almost any color of the rainbow!

Summer essentials

Enbrighten Cafe and Landscape Lights
These Enbrighten cafe and landscape lights change colors, AND they're remote controlled!

Color changing outdoor lights
Blue cafe lights above, green landscape lights below...

Outdoor cafe lights change color
Golden cod, blue lights...

BEFORE (Hi, Clinton!)

AFTER (Thanks, Enbrighten!) 

Enbrighten color changing outdoor cafe landscape lights
Enbrighten color changing, remote controlled cafe and landscape lights

My favorite room? That would have to be my yard - especially this time of year! After a long winter, nothing feels better than spring and summer outdoors. But welcoming outdoor spaces don't just happen - we've got to dust off the outdoor furniture, wash the cushions, and make sure the garden is planted just so. One thing that makes transforming my outdoor space easy? Enbrighten Mini Landscape Lights and Enbrighten Cafe Lights. These durable lights make it simple to illuminate up any space - and to change up my outdoor decor with the literal push of a button.

With one simple remote control, I can wirelessly control and customize my outdoor lights, including dimming, countdown timers, preset themes, effects and even color changes (with over 120 color combinations)! My garden can be personalized for a fancy dinner party, a sporting event, our annual BBQ, or my annual neighborhood garden stroll. I love the versatility of styles and effects I can get with these lights, as well as the durability (they are designed to withstand year-round exposure to elements). With staying power like that, I can use these same lights to illuminate the path to my door for Halloween, set up festive colors for the holidays, and even create lively light effects for New Year's Eve! Less time decorating = more time to enjoy. 

So here's to summer, and cheers to making our summer (and fall, and winter) outdoor decorating easy. Want to learn more? Pop on over to my yard (or check out Enbrighten's social channels). Oh, and did I mention these lights are easily purchased on Amazon? Happy Summer! 

This post is sponsored by Enbrighten's Cafe and Landscape Lights. Thank you for supporting the brands that support The Boston Fashionista! 

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