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Don't Call it a Fanny Pack

J.Jill envelope belt bag

J.Jill envelope belt bag

J.Jill tweed cardigan

J.Jill envelope belt bag

Rhea Daphne ankle boots

J.Jill oatmeal cardigan

cognac belt bag

Rhea Daphne ankle booties

J.Jill belt bag

 Don't call it a fanny pack; it's been here for years. 😂

ENVELOPE BELT BAG: J.Jill (c/o; on sale!), TWEED CARDIGAN: J.Jill (c/o) CHAMBRAY SHIRT: Grana (on sale!) LEGGINGS: Comm-ci (see also here) ANKLE BOOTS: Rhea Daphne Black Bootie (on sale!) SUNGLASSES: J. McLaughlin (c/o) Photos: Catherine Threlkeld 

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