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Better Late Than Never

So, uhm, hi guys! Long time, no see. SO long that it took me a few minutes to remember what font I use on this here blog. SOO long that I had to think what size I crop the photos. SOOO long that there were flowers blooming when these photos were taken! 

Ok, so we've established I went offline for a bit. You get it! The upside of that is that I have all kinds of good content ready to go - a lot of which is sure to give you a little spring fever (sort of like this post)! Not only are the flowers bright and cheery, but so is this dress. It's from Queenia, a local custom boutique with original designs only found in Cambridgeside and Chestnut Hill Square. Be sure to check them out! And check back here - I'll be posting regularly starting next week! 

DRESS: Queenia (c/o) PHOTOS: Catherine Threlkeld

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