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Spring Snow Day

The Third Piece Fenway Hat

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The Third Piece Boston

The Third Piece Hat and Gloves

I saw a tweet this morning that said, "Has it been winter for like 7 years at this point?".  UM, YES. It certainly feels that way. Since we're preparing for even more snow, I thought I'd share (a) cute cold weather gear, since we still need it (sigh) and (b) three fun indoor things to do in Boston this week!

This hat and pair of mitts are from Boston-based The Third Piece, which sources all of its handmade items from knitters right here in the Boston area. You can order items directly, or, if you are craftier than I am, you can order Knit Kits and make these items yourself! 

If you're like me, and don't know how to knit, you can swing by The Third Piece in the South End for knitting lessons, or, if you're already a knitter but just need a little help, you can pop in for expert help at their Knit Bar (imagine cozy-ing up there with a coffee and fellow knitters)! If you don't even want to leave the house, check out some of their online knitting tutorials. I'm taking some knitting lessons next week - tune into my Insta stories to check it out.

For more entertainment, check out the Tony-award winning play The Humans, playing through March 25th at the Boch Center Shubert Theatre. The witty, fast-paced dialogue and brilliant multi-level set immediately draws you into the performance (as does the absolutely stunning acting). I confess I didn't know much about the play before attending, but even those with some knowledge of the play will be surprised by the powerful ending. Tickets start at only $25 - you really should not miss this exceptional performance! 

For even more drama, head over to the Opera House to see Boston Ballet's breathtaking version of Romeo and Juliet. You guys, I can't state strongly enough what a moving performance this is. The choreography by John Cranko includes so many thoughtful little notes and details, and Juliet is danced both playfully, and, of course, mournfully. If this production doesn't move you, then, well, check your pulse, because you're dead inside. Learn more about the production, and get tickets here through April 8th. 

See you outside shoveling, Boston! 

HAT & MITTSThe Third Piece (c/o) SCARF: Fatface COAT: J.Jill (on sale! see also here) SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker EARRINGS: UNOde50 Performances of The Humans and Romeo & Juliet were c/o; opinions are my own. 

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