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Labor Day Luxury

You've checked into your chic hotel, peeked at all the amenities, and the bellhop has assisted you with your luggage. Suddenly, the door closes, and you're all alone in your room. What's the first thing you do?

Readers of my travel posts know the first thing I do - shed my dirty travel clothes and throw on a cozy hotel robe! (evidence: here, here and here.) That supple, warm robe is a little luxury that immediately makes you feel pampered. Donning a fresh white hotel robe can make you feel like a straight-up movie star, even if (or especially if?) you've brought your at-home, mis-matched, lots-of-holes jammies. 

So here's an idea - why not get that feeling in your own home? No, I am not suggesting anything from the hotel room should make its way home in your suitcase (put back that shampoo!). I'm suggesting you head over to Boca Terry and check out their large selection of deluxe, durable robes, at prices that that won't make you resort to theft. Boca Terry carries all of the luxurious, hotel-worthy pieces you love, made with high-quality fabrics. They offer superior customer service and fast, efficient shipping, so you can soon easily be in the elegant hotel robe of your dreams. 

I took the insanely soft Boca Terry Satin Stripe robe out to our boat, where I wore it over my LBB (little black bikini) this past Labor Day weekend. It gave me the perfect amount of coverage (after noshing cheese and bread), just the right amount of warmth (as the sun goes down earlier and earlier) and a bit of old-school glamour (especially when paired with oversized sunglasses). You can find it, and all the Boca Terry pieces here

ROBE: Boca Terry Satin Stripe (c/o) SUNGLASSES: Vince Camuto PHOTOS: Catherine Threlkeld 

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