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Boston Store Spotlight: LuxCouture

Imagine walking into a chic little boutique. The clothes are all beautiful, wearable, and beautifully constructed. The shopgirls are friendly and helpful.  You can imagine wearing everything in the store with all the items you already love in your closet. Then you look at the brand names...and you've never heard of any of them. Welcome to LuxCouture, a lovely shop in Newton Highlands that sells all the best brands you have never heard of. I chatted with Sari Brown of LuxCouture, and she told me all about how she started, and the philosophy behind her shop. 

You started out selling handbags. About 11 or 12 years ago I decided I wanted to have a website. Nothing fancy, and my son's friend built it. I bought bags from Italy and I was selling them online, out of my house. That's how it was born! Those were the days of the "It Bag". Celebrities would carry a bag, everyone would want it, and I was one of the few that could get them. Anything "of the moment", I had it. Ostrich, python, you name it. I kept growing and growing, so I decided to open a store. So in 2008 I did, and it was only handbags. A couple of months after I opened, the economy crashed, so I said, "Ok, I've got to figure out what to do". So I started buying sweaters, t-shirts, and jeans, because that's how I like to dress. We added items throughout the years, and have grown to a full on boutique. We focus on undiscovered, artisanal designers. 

I've never heard of many of the designers in your store, and I love their pieces! How do you find them? I am a shopper! I like to touch and feel everything. I don't go shopping to buy, I go to see how stores are merchandised and curated, their price points, and I did this even before I had a store. I find a lot of designers on Instagram. I read. If I find a brand I've never heard of in a shop, I ask the shop clerks about it. I started carrying Moreau handbags because I saw a woman coming out a restroom carrying a gorgeous bag (Ed. note: she was coming out of a restroom in Paris.) and I stopped and asked her, "Who's bag is that?" She said, "They have a store in town. You simply must go." So I did. They wouldn't sell to me for four years because they had an exclusive deal with Barney's. Finally, last March, they said, "We're ready". I couldn't believe it! We are one of the few places in the country that carry the brand. 

What are your thoughts on current "It Bags"? They day of the "It Bag" is totally gone. People are getting used to a different way to buy handbags. That's why we focus on bags that are beautifully made - it's not about a label, it is about exceptional quality and style.  

When you find a new brand, how do you decide if it is right for your store? Fit is first. If a brand has a poor fit, I don't go any further. It is so important. You don't get a second chance with that. Fabrics and price point, and then the breadth of the collection comes next. 

What are your customers looking for? We have a big professional crowd here. They are looking for every day, office, board meetings. They travel a lot. They need clothing that is multi-purpose. 

How do you shop for LuxCouture? The store is an extension of my closet. It's what I like to wear and how I like to dress myself. Everything in here has a purpose. You're not going to buy a dress for a wedding here and never wear it again. You're going to take any piece in here and mix and match together. I would say 99% of what I sell is timeless. We'll add a trendy piece here and there, but I want things that are wearable. 

How do you find your customers? We have a web presence and we are on social media. There is a lot of value in coming into the store - we have new customers all the time, and our regular customer base is very loyal. They love the product selections, and they love the way they are treated. We won't let a customer walk out of the door in something that looks lousy on them. We tell them, "Take it off, this is not for you. Let's try something else." We won't talk them into something they don't want. We are a little family. Our customers come in and tell us about their daily struggles, their careers, their husbands and kids. We are full service. And food - we try to feed everyone! 

What else is important to know about LuxCouture? We all love to come to work here. We have a great time every single day. 

If you could say one thing to your customers, what would it be? Whatever you want. But only if it looks fabulous on you!

LuxCouture is located at 9 Lincoln Street in Newton Highlands. 

LuxCouture Newton Highlands

LuxCouture Boston

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