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Effortless Elegance with Lindt LINDOR Truffles

Lindt sea salt

LINDOR truffles

Lindt dark chocolate truffle

Lindt dark chocolate

Lindt stracciatella truffles

LINDOR dark chocolate truffles

LINDOR white chocolate truffles

LINDOR dark chocolate

LINDOR truffles

Lindt Boston

It's no secret that I am, shall we say, into chocolate. Apparently, so are you! Thanks to all of you who attended the #LindtBoston event on Sunday at the Lindt Chocolate Shop at the Lenox hotel. I had so much fun making truffle-related crafts with you (think: wine bottles covered in gold-wrapped chocolate truffles to look like a pineapple), and two of you won a year of chocolate from Lindt! Talk about a sweet deal. 

I took home a big bag of truffles myself, which prompted Mr. TBF to comment, "What on earth are we going to do with all those?" To him I replied, "What won't we do!" In addition to the obvious, delicious option (treating myself to a delightful chocolate break), I have so many uses for LINDOR truffles

First, truffles are perfect for gifts! Has a co-worker done you a solid? Surprise them with a coffee mug filled with their favorite truffles. Have a new neighbor? Welcome them with a basket filled with chocolates and a bottle of wine. Does your child have a new teacher? Show them your appreciation with a jar full of truffles, pencils and pens. 

I've also been using chocolates in my entertaining. An antique candy dish filled with truffles makes an effortless, elegant addition to a dessert table, or even an everyday entry way! Regular readers know I have recently re-decorated my guest room, but I've always kept a small jar of truffles in there, along with a bottle of water, for guests to enjoy. I've even taken to filling unusual household items (wine glasses, pretty measuring cups) with chocolates and placing them around the house so that a whimsical, indulgent truffle break is easily at hand.

I was inspired by the creativity you all brought to the #LindtBoston event on Sunday - besides the aforementioned pineapple, you made a truffle reindeer (hello holiday decor) and some pretty New Year's Eve decorating ideas that were super easy to create, even for an awkward Pinterest-Failer like myself. What are some other ways you use LINDOR truffles? Give me and Lindt a shout out and let us know! 

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This post is presented by Lindt USA. Photos: Catherine Threlkeld 

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