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506 On The River Inn - Woodstock, Vermont

506 On The River Inn
Bonfire by the Ottauquechee River at 506 On The River Inn
506 On The River Inn
The cocktail lounge at 506 Bistro
506 On The River Inn
Country breakfast is served at 506 Bistro
506 Bistro
Mixing up a mean cocktail at 506 Bistro
506 On The River Inn
The perfect spot to curl up with a book
balcony at 506 On The River Inn
Morning coffee on the balcony overlooking the river
Vermont boutique hotels
Who knew a hotel breakfast could be so charming?
Vermont boutique hotels
A bonfire and marshmallows, you say? Yes, I'll be right over! 
breakfast at 506 on the River
A few of the pastries at 506 Bistro's country breakfast
best vermont hotels
"Hard Telling, Not Knowing": Vermont-ism for "I don't know"
modern vintage decor 506 on the river
A few of the vintage touches at 506 On The River 
best boutique hotel vermont
506 On The River Inn

It was 3:00AM when I felt something bumping up at the edge of my dreams. A sound, foreign and unfamiliar, yet non-threatening. The sound was close, but certainly far outside our puff of a bed, far away from the cozy room in which we were ensconced. I hear Mr. TBF whisper, "Do you hear that?"

It's a surreal moment, when you realize you've just been awakened by a bobcat. 

We padded out to our balcony, listening to the sound of night in Woodstock, Vermont. There were the recognizable, calming sounds of the rushing Ottauquechee River and the soft chirps from spring peepers. And there it was again, the gentle barking of the bobcat, slinking along the river, only 100 yards and two stories away. We listened a few moments more, then crawled back into plush, cool sheets and were back to our dreams. It was my best nights' sleep in weeks. 

I guess it makes sense to call the vibe at 506 On the River Inn in Woodstock, Vermont adventurously elegant, but still down-to-earth and carefree. Where else can you relax in upscale rooms with lavish amenities, while still feeling intensely connected to nature? With a look that is both vintage and modern (think: luxe leather couches and fireplaces, alongside high ceilings and light-filled windows), 506 On the River is an ideal spot for a weekend escape. Whether you are skiing the nearby Suicide Six, or enjoying the iconic summer stock theatre of Woodstock, this 28-room boutique hotel is perfect for both a romantic retreat or fun with the whole family. Oh, and did I mention the outstanding and beautifully-served country breakfast?

Romantic Retreat at 506 On The River Inn in Woodstock, Vermont:

Stay: Enjoy your morning coffee on the balcony overlooking the river, then hit the workout room or take a quick swim in the indoor pool. Curl up with a good book in the library or in front of the fireplace, then head out to the river for a bonfire and cocktail before bed.

506 Bistro at 506 on the River Inn: The 506 Bistro has just opened to non-guests, so now everyone can enjoy the offhand luxury of its decor, as well as the delectable food. The cocktail bar is particularly charming, and the affable staff is always happy to provide suggestions. 

Farmhouse Pottery: Streamlined and stunning, the hand-crafted pieces here will add a modern, country touch to any space. The light-filled studio is right in the shop; guests are encouraged to pop in and see the artists at work. Find this family owned shop at 1837 West Woodstock Road, Woodstock, VT. 

Middle Covered Bridge: I dare you to try to leave Woodstock without shooting countless pictures of this fanciful covered bridge. Hold hands and stroll though, while listening to the rushing of the Ottauquechee River below. 

Family Fun at 506 On The River in Woodstock, Vermont:

Stay: 506 On The River offers a toddler playroom, teen/adult game room and an indoor pool. In the summer, let the kids explore the breathtaking green space - there's a field big enough for some family softball, or wander down to the pond to look for spring peepers. After dark, sit near the bonfire by the river, roast marshmellows, and tell ghost stories. 

Worthy Kitchen: This "farm diner" features comfort food and an extensive local beer draft list. Located at 442 East Woodstock Road, Woodstock, VT. 

Plymouth Cheese: Take a self-guided tour and watch the cheesemakers hard at work creating come of Oprah's favorite things! Don't forget to pick up a snack... Fine them at 106 Messer Hill Road, Plymouth Notch, VT.

VINS Nature Center: Get to see some incredible birds of prey up close and personal at live raptor shows, as well as feeding time time tours. See more at 6565 Woodstock Road, Quechee, VT. 

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  1. What a lovely place!
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  2. What a gorgeous place! Love all of your photos. Worthy Kitchen is going to open a Boston location. Brookline actually!

    1. REALLY?!?!?! This is such exciting news! Thanks for sharing.

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