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Made to Measure Menswear at Indochino Boston

Indochino Boston
Mr. TBF (his name is actually Ray) in a custom Indochino suit
The Merchant Salem
Relaxing in the luxurious lounge at The Merchant in Salem
Indochino Boston Showroom
The interior of the Indochino showroom on Newbury Street in Boston
Indochino custom suit
Ray selecting the fabric for his made to measure suit at Indochino Boston
Indochino online
Selecting the suit details (think: collar width, lining, vents, buttons, etc...)
Indochino shirt
Custom embroidery on the shirt cuff
Merchant Hotel Salem
Enjoying a cocktail at The Merchant, the newest space from Lark Hotels, in Salem, MA
Indochino custom
Tending the copper bar at The Merchant, in a tailored Indochino suit
Picture a dapper man wearing a suit. You can easily describe this man: he's self-assured, authoritative, compelling, pulled together. Now describe the details of his suit. 

I'm betting you can't conceptualize his clothes at all, outside of the fact that he "looks good". And that's a good thing - when a suit fits well, you notice the man, not the garment. Easier said than done; off the rack suiting simply isn't built to fit the nuances of every body. A made to measure suit, on the other hand, keeps the focus directly on the wearer, by customizing the garment to its wearer's body. "Sure", you're saying, "that's all well and good, but I don't have the ability to go drop a couple grand (or more), on one suit."

Meet Indochino. A purveyor of custom menswear (suitingshirtsvests and pants), Indochino has recently added brick and mortar locations to its robust online business, including a showroom on Newbury Street. The premise is simple: go into the shop, get measured (or measure at home). Peruse the superior selection of fabrics. Indochino will walk you through a customization process: everything on the suit is tailored to your liking (the lining, vents, collar, buttons - you can even monogram your inside pocket). Your suit will arrive in a few weeks, and, if something isn't perfect, Indochino will make it right, risk-freeBest of all, Indochino suiting starts at $449, and also includes premium suits and tuxedos

Mr. TBF --Ray-- experienced his first Indochino suit a few years back (enticed through a Back Bay pop-up). He quickly became a convert, enjoying the quality fabrics, the customization, and the fact that he no longer has to spend time shopping for a suit that is "right for his body type". His suits just fit. Since his measurements are in the Indochino database, he can easily order new pieces as needed (or when favorite items go on sale). Let's put it this way: in four and a half years of blogging, Ray has never let me turn the camera on him. However, he was thrilled to jump in front of the lens in his Indochino suit. 

So picture again that dapper man. He's self-assured, authoritative, compelling, and perfectly suited. 

Visit Indochino online, and check out their current sale (up to 70% off!), or book an appointment at the Boston Indochino showroom, located at 85 Newbury Street.

This post was shot on location at The Merchant in Salem, MA. With rum, pepper, and a little bit of mystery, this chic location from Lark Hotels is perfect for a weekend getaway. Design-driven and intimately sized, you'll want to curl up in front of the fire with a good book, or maybe mix a cocktail behind their luxe copper bar. See the rooms here, and book a stay now! Check out adventures to other Lark Hotels:

Custom suit (in premium charcoal birdseye) and shirt: Indochino (c/o)

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Lark Hotels Salem
How dapper is my guy? (And how fun is this lounge at The Merchant?)
Merchant Hotel Salem
All smiles in a custom Indochino suit
Indochino modern menswear
Indochino custom suit in premium charcoal birdseye fabric

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