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Kitchen Update with Pier 1 Imports in Framingham

Pier 1 Framingham

Pier 1 Imports Framingham

Pier 1 Luminous Porcelain

Pier 1 wine glass

When Mr. TBF and I were first married, we had a very, very empty apartment to fill. We literally moved in with our clothes and a cat. So we ran over to the local Pier 1 Imports and stocked up on dinnerware, wine glasses, pretty flour and sugar canisters and various and sundry essentials that suddenly turned our newly-wed apartment into a home. 

That apartment (right on Brighton Ave in Allston - eesh!) is likely now someone else's "first apartment", and we've been in our current home for almost two years. But in all the time in between (ten years, but who's counting?), we never refreshed our kitchen pieces. I'm a clumsy dishwasher, and over the years our dinnerware was down to five plates, one mug and and three bowls. Thank goodness, Pier 1 Imports just opened a new store in Framingham.

We arrived at the fully stocked, brand new location on a Friday night, about an hour before closing. We knew what we wanted (The Luminous Porcelain collection), but still found ourselves wandering through the store, examining throw pillows here, desk lamps there - you know how Pier 1 can do that to you! We finally settled down to business, only then realizing we needed to purchase (and have wrapped) 12 place settings - thirty minutes before closing. We were jerks. We knew it. We began to profusely apologize... and the staff cut us short. The whole team cheerfully helped us select our dishes, suggested other complimentary pieces, and then expertly wrapped and packed all of our purchases. They smiled. They asked if we were newlyweds (nice touch). They wished us a good weekend, and told us to please contact them if we had any trouble at all with the new dishware. It was a simply wonderful shopping experience... and now one of my local readers can experience it for themselves! Pier 1 Imports Framingham and I are giving away a $100 gift card to the Framingham location! Enter to win here, or use the form below. I'm looking forward to hearing about your Pier 1 Imports experience - I know you'll find everything you need!

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Pier 1 Luminous Porcelain mug

Pier 1 Pier 1 Luminous Porcelain

Pier 1 Pier 1 Luminous Porcelain

Pier 1 Pier 1 Luminous Porcelain

Pier 1 Pier 1 Luminous Porcelain
Dishware in this post is c/o Pier 1 Imports. 

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  1. they look so good! and i like the "are you newlyweds?" question. very nice touch ;)

    1. Thank you! Right - "are you newlyweds"?!?! We were like, "Uhh, suuuuure" and then complimented ourselves on how young we look :) Seriously, though, the customer service was amazing!

  2. Good to know there is a new location. I've had nothing but fabulous experiences at my Pier 1 in Salem, NH. My entire (well almost) new living room is through them. Their team is excellent. I can't wait to share my finished product on my blog -! Then onto the kitchen.. I like your selection of the Luminous Porcelain collection. Best of luck!


  3. Anonymous10/15/2015

    Your home is beautiful and so cozy! The plates look gorgeous too. I went to this Pier 1 about a month ago for pillows and seriously spent so much time (and money!) after browsing around!
    Boston Chic Party