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You Deserve It.

Tiffany Valentine's Day

No seriously, you really deserve it. Whether you dug out of the Blizzard of 2015, made it through a month of new year's resolutions, or even just survived that Nationwide Superbowl commercial, February is definitely a time to treat yourself. Might I suggest something sparkly?

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This post is presented by Tiffany & Co.


  1. Of course I believe I deserve, it's just my wallet doesn't always on the same page as my heart! :p

    1. I hear your, Clair! Tiffany & Co. does have some items that aren't out of range. The pen for example (and I love that pen) is $120. They also have a section on their site devoted to items $500 or less.

  2. I always deserve it. Because I spend my workdays being yelled at on Twitter by college students :P But those earrings ughhhhhh gimme.