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Summer Weekends

Don't you just love summer weekends? When your biggest decisions are "hot dog or hamburger" "vanilla or chocolate" and "white or rosé". When all you need are jeans (or cutoffs), a white shirt and a hat. I spent my Sunday afternoon picking the black currants from my yard and beginning the multi-month process of making creme de cassis. I'll let you know how it turns out in, oh, April, 2015! 

SHIRT: American Colors by Alex Lehr JEANS: American Eagle Outfitters BAG: Diane von Furstenberg by H. Stern SANDALS: Shoemint WATCH: Michael Kors WRAP BRACELET: Haven in Charlestown (c/o) ANCHOR BRACELET: The Orange Hanger in Arlington (c/o) HAT: Vince Camuto Rope Knotted Banded Panama via Zappos (on sale! c/o)

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