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The Home. T Oklahoma, home tee
Most of my conversations this past week began with "Where are you from?" (I was on a caribbean cruise with my grandmother. Hi Grandma - wasn't that FUN? That time we were dancing on the Lido Deck to "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" while San Juan twinkled below? I'll never forget it!  )

Yes, the title of this blog is The Boston Fashionista, but I'm a Massachusetts transplant; Oklahoma is my home state. I know so many people who have moved away from their home states - many of us feel the delicate balance between our "old" and "new" homes. This has particularly been on my mind recently, as my friend Michele has made the move from Boston to London (and she's originally from Texas!). With so many of us so mobile, how do we keep a sense of our original homes? How about you - how do you show your hometown pride?

SUNGLASSES: Banana Republic Tee: The Home. T (c/o) CHAMBRAY SHIRT: Forever 21 JACKET: Chanel JEANS: J. Brand SHOES: Keds (c/o) BAG & WATCH: Michael Kors

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  1. Transplant myself and moved from Denver, Colorado to Massachusetts just over a year ago. I show my hometown pride whenever the NFL is in season. There's absolutely no doubt that I'm a Bronco fan. ;)

    However, I'll show my new hometown pride when its baseball season. Go Sox! :)


    1. What? Not a Rockies fan? :) I guess the terrible Boston winter wasn't so awful for you, being from Denver!

  2. I had no idea Kristen! It was nice to learn a bit more about you :)

    I grew up in the area but may or may not stay (we will see within the next year or so!) I love Mass but need to branch out a bit more.

    1. Ooh, moving? I am looking forward to hearing more! Though MA will miss you!

  3. Super cute!

    - Sarah :)

  4. I wrote about the Home t-shirts a year or so ago. Love them so much!