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Cartagena Casual, Part I

boston fashion blog, cutoffs, j. crew shirt, White Mountain Sparkler Moccasin, Banana Republic sunglasses, longchamp le pliage

birds in cartagena
boston fashion blog, cartagena fashion, cartegena style

White Mountain Sparkler Moccasin

I don't normally fall victim to vacation hangovers...but I really want to go back to Cartagena! Like, tonight. I've never been in a city that felt more alive - beautiful fruits and food bursting from vendors' street carts, children in school uniforms giggling in the street, dazzling, radiant sun, a cool breeze off the ocean, and music, music, music around every corner, in every shop. And just look at all the color on these buildings! 

SUNGLASSES: Banana Republic SHIRT: J. Crew CUT-OFFS: Blue Cult SHOES: White Mountain Sparkler Moccasin (c/o) BAG: Longchamp WATCH: Michael Kors

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