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Welcome to 2014!

Welcome back from the holiday break! I spent the last two weeks solidly offline, visiting family and friends back home in Tulsa, diving into some science fiction novels, and, well, indulging in holiday treats (Helloooo, turkey sandwiches and leftover sweet potatoes). Regular posts resume next week, but until then, let's talk new year's resolutions: This year, I'm going to spend less time being cynical, and more time showing the people in my life how much I love them. Sounds great, but how does one put that goal into action? This site has given me some ideas, but I still need help: what are your methods for turning off the snark and turning on the gratitude? 

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  1. Sarcasm was really hard for me to kick. I know it's a bit different from being cynical. I don't know how you kick cynicism. My husband often reminds me to stay positive and stop being such a pessimist.

    Glad you're back!

    1. You're right - I think it is less cynicism and more snarky...?

  2. Ohhhh that's a tough one! I too am trying to be more positive and let the little annoyances of life go. We'll see how this year unfolds! Happy new year pretty!


    1. That's a tough one! I have to remind myself, "this is not a big deal, this is not a big deal..."

  3. OK I think of you as one the least cynical people I know. But that might just speak to the level of cynicism amongst my friends...


  4. Welcome back to 2014 and I wish you a fabulous year ahead!

    I spent my winter holidays in Toronto with my family. I worked before and after Christmas, but I had a vacation before New Year's, and I came back to work this Thursday.

    However, I'm still in my holiday mood, so I'm just glad I had a short working week, just Thursday and Friday, and then another weekend, till we get back to work in full tomorrow.

    I also would like to share some great news of mine -- recently I published my first book, "Bits of Fashion", and it's available on Amazon (US, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany), and Barnes & Noble, have a look. :)

    Now I'm working on my second book, and I hope to publish it during this year, so this is one of my resolutions for 2014. :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a fabulous week ahead!

    Xoxo, Victoria