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Toyota Corolla, 2014 toyota corolla

boston corolla, new england corolla

boston toyota, new england toyota

Living in the city, you want a car that is easy to maneuver and has great gas mileage...and hey, it doesn't hurt if your car has a little style, too, right? That's why I am loving the new Toyota Corolla. Gone is the traditional appearance; instead, the Corolla boasts updated styling and a gorgeous, user-friendly dashboard. With all kinds of whiz-bang features (rear-view camera, satellite radio, bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone, in-dash GPS unit) this car has everything a chic driver needs for getting around New England! 

HAT: H&M COAT: Malene Birger SCARF: Theory BOOTS: Sorel, via Planet Shoes (c/o, also seen here) BAG: ECCO (also seen here)

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  1. LOVE the light-colored layers :)

    1. Thanks! Layering in New England is SO key.

  2. Replies
    1. The car really is gorgeous - I was surprised at the sleek and chic the dash and interior!