Paris, Day One: Venus de Milo

Calypso St Barth Paloma Cashmere Cardigan in Oatmeal, Calypso St. Barth Boston

Shiraleah Chicago tote, leather jacket, Calypso St. Barth Boston

Calypso St. Barth Boston

What to do on your first (rainy) day in Paris? Mr. TBF and I headed straight to the Louvre. We were there for hours upon hours, exploring room after room, wing after wing, and I'm certain we were not even close to seeing all the treasures contained in the grand building. While I was thrilled to see the Mona Lisa, Hammurabi's Code and Mary Magdalene, I was most moved by the Venus de Milo - I had to go back and visit her twice! I wonder, does she miss the quiet of the island of Milos? Or does she enjoy being venerated by thousands of people a day? She is, after all, a goddess...

SUNGLASSES: Kate Spade PALOMA OPEN CASHMERE CARDIGAN in OATMEAL: Calypso St. Barth (c/o) LEATHER JACKET: Vintage JEANS: Gap SHOES: BCBGeneration BAG: Shiraleah Chicago

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  1. You look beautiful! The Louvre would totally be my first stop too. I've been dying to get there.

  2. Ramon Ramon12/11/2013

    My two favorite photos from the trip

    1. Ramon Ramon12/11/2013


  3. Beautiful as always! I want to be in Paris!


  4. Can't wait to keep seeing these Paris posts! I'm having so much fun writing mine too.

  5. Venus de Milo was my favorite sculpture at the Louvre! I've seen the painting in Florence too. So beautiful! PS - super impressed if you walked all day in Paris in those heels!!


  6. This looks screams Parisian chic! When I studied abroad in Paris the Lourve was one of the first stops. I agree that you could spend all day in there and feel like you've barely seen what it has to offer. This makes me want to start saving up for my own Parisian adventure!

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