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Leather Skirt + White Tank

camel leather skirt, Phillip Lim tank, ECCO 65 booties, Lindsay Tia clutch

camel leather skirt, white Phillip Lim tank, ECCO 65 booties

Vicolo Mio Zipper Chain Necklace, Phillip Lim for Target Sheer Back Tank, Lindsay Tia clutch

leather skirt, white tank, ECCO 65 sculptured booties

I'm having a crazy week (I'm starting a new position at work) so this post will just be a quick hello! Thanks to everyone who attended the NIC+ZOE and Tiffany & Co. events this week. I really enjoyed meeting you and shopping with you! As I have stated before, my favorite thing about this blog is that, through it, I meet so many interesting, thoughtful (and stylish) people. Be sure to shoot me an email or chat with me on Twitter - I look forward to hearing from you! 

SKIRT: Banana Republic (similar here, here) TANK: Phillip Lim for Target (only $20) BOOTS: ECCO NECKLACE & BRACELET: Three Row Zipper Chain Ombre Necklace c/0 Vicolo Mio SUNGLASSES: Gucci, WATCH: Michael Kors BAG: Royal Clutch c/o Lindsay Tia  

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  1. Great skirt! Love the way you styled it :)

    x abigail, the fabulous life of a natural disaster

    1. Thanks - I really love leather skirts for fall.

  2. that skirt is perfect!!! really love it


  3. Love this neutral look, it's so chic! Also, I think I need to get some caramel leather in my life, there's something so 70s and irresistible about it!

    xx Melina
    Pale Shadow

  4. This. is. delicious!!!!!!!!!!


  5. love it - a great, effortless look. also congrats on the new gig. we need to catch up!

  6. great outfit, I really love your bag. I wish I could have gone to the Tiffany's event, it looked really fun :)


  7. Anonymous10/11/2013

    Great look, super cool skirt !!
    Have a great weekend !!

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