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Shopcaster: Connecting Online Shoppers with Independent Retailers (and a Giveaway!)


(1) Casual Messenger Bag, Minling Pan Studio, $80 (2) Organic Ceramic Cherry Carton, Sweetpea's, $20 (3) Double Odd Earrings Vermeil, Studio DuArte, $70 (4) Dog Collar, Duke & Winston $62 (5) Graphic 5 Piece Pasta Set, Cry If I Want To $30 (6) Ribbon Scarves, Champagne & Cupcakes, $19 (7) Freedom Glow Beauty Balm in Blushed, Blush Pretty, $34 (8) Matt Bernson Flats, Suasion Boutique, $179

You're on a fabulous vacation, taking a stroll, when you suddenly spy the cutest boutique tucked down a picturesque street. You pop in, and discover it's filled to the brim with adorable things, things you love, things that, when someone asks, "Where'd you get that?", you can nonchalantly reply, "Oh, just this little boutique in Montreal..."

Now you can have that independent boutique shopping experience from seventeen different cities - all in one place. Shopcaster is on a mission to connect online shoppers to the best independent retailers in North America. Over 200 shops post their products on Shopcaster - products ranging from home goods, men's and women's fashion, items for your child or your pet, and even vintage pieces! The platform is charming, simple to use, and even comes in app form. Interested? You're in luck! One TBF reader will win $100 credit on Shopcaster. Enter below by "wishlisting" your favorite item on Shopcaster (click the little heart on the item you like). Good luck! 

This contest is now closed. Winner will be contacted via email and announced by 5pm EST on Friday, May 31. This post is sponsored by Shopcaster

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  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it? I love that you can shop all these adorable little boutiques from all around. Such a great idea!

  2. I knew nothing of Shopcaster but after taking a look fell in love with so many items! Their solar lanterns are beyond adorable!

    1. Ooooh, those do sound cool! From which shop are they?