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Copenhagen with ECCO: Day Three

My last day in Copenhagen was filled with exploration. My pal Christine and I began the afternoon over "Nordic tapas" and wine, and then some shopping... at a little consignment boutique just off the StrΓΈget. (NOTE: When visiting a town whose design you admire, hit up a couple consignment shops! You'll find beautiful, unique pieces at good prices.) Later I attended the Barbara i Gongini show at the behest of a friend - I'm so glad I did! It was completely outside my element, design-wise, dark, macabre and alluring all at once. We wrapped up the evening with dinner and a gab session... and maybe a few dance moves!

(And it was all done in my ECCO boots - which you can win here!) 

Coverage of Copenhagen Fashion Week is sponsored by ECCO

TOP: Michaela top on loan from Chances R Designs JACKET: Samantha jacket on loan from Chances R Designs PANTS: Zara BOOTS: Navoi Chelsea boots c/o ECCO (Win a pair here!) BAG: Hobo bag c/o ECCO WATCH: Michael Kors BRACELET: c/o Stella & Dot Photography: Christine C.


  1. That jacket is too fabulous!!

    1. Thanks! Chances R also has a skirt to match - all out of this beautiful tweed!

  2. I love this look! Those pants are perfection - the perfect amount of understated PIZAZZ!

    Hope to see you soon!

    Allie at