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Choosing the Best Sunglasses for Your Face with Vizio Optic

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1961 classic Breakfast at Tiffany’sOliver Goldsmith launched ‘The Manhattan’ – an exact replica of the frame worn by Holly Golightly

Holly Golightly. Bob Dylan. Anna Wintour. Jake and Elwood Blues. When you picture these fictional and real life style icons, what are they all wearing? Sunglasses, of course! We wear sunglasses every day (or we should!) but how much do we really know about them? What makes a good pair? Why is it important to wear them? How do we find the best shapes for our face? I spoke with Dr. Galina Rabkin, optometrist and owner of Vizio Optic in Brookline Village for some answers.

Ultraviolet light from the sun damages eyes over time, causing cataracts. The best protection? A cool pair of shades. "Sunglasses are like SPF for your eyes," claimed Rabkin. "All of us should be wearing sunglasses, every time we go out." For the best protection, look for lenses that offer 100% UVA/UVB protection (like all of the sunglasses at Vizio Optic). In addition, many brands offer polarized lenses, meaning the lens has a built-in filter that blocks reflection and glare. Polarized lenses enhance colors, and make everything look vivid - they are great for the outdoors, especially the beach. "You can see right through the water in polarized lenses and see all the fish swimming below the surface," said Rabkin.

When it comes to selecting frames, Rabkin recommends thinking about your face shape. "Oversized glasses are a trend, but that doesn't mean it's right for everyone. I recommend selecting a frame shape that differs from your face to balance your look. On an oval face, for example, a square frame works perfectly. If you have a prominent jawline, you may prefer a more rounded frame." With colorful frames so on trend right now, it's easy to find frames in every shade. But don't overlook the classics! There's a reason there are so many tortoiseshell glasses out there - the color looks good on everyone. Rabkin also noted, "Most people cannot go wrong with black, because it is classic and elegant. Timeless, really."

Most of the brands carried at Vizio Optic may be unfamiliar to consumers. "They are real, niche eyewear brands," said Rabkin. "Most of them are based in Europe. We introduce customers to really special brands that focus on creating beautiful glasses that will make you look great. After all, the first thing people see when they look at you isn't your's your face!"

See some of the unique frames offered at Vizio Optic below - which one is your favorite?

Vue dc SLY c. 100 frames in black

Frederic Beausoleil CS12 frames in purple/silver with pink accents

Chanel 5229Q frames in yellow

The classic Ray Ban 'Wayfarer' frames in navy blue.

Oliver Goldsmith 'The Manhattan' tortoiseshell frames with green lens, $380
Vue dc SLY c. 100 frames in black, $354
Frederic Beausoleil CS12 frames in purple/silver with pink accents, $384
Chanel 5229Q in yellow, price upon request
Ray Ban 'Wayfarer' in navy blue, $119

Look One: CARDIGAN: Vince TEE & JEANS: Gap SHOES: Salvatore Ferragamo NECKLACE: Guess WATCH: Michael Kors BRACELET: c/o Stella & Dot

Look Two: SWEATER: H&M PANTS: Michael Kors Outlet at Wrentham Village Premium Outlets SHOES: Salvatore Ferragamo BAG: Kate Spade WATCH: Michael Kors BRACELET: c/o Stella & Dot

This post is sponsored by Vizio Optic. Opinions on the sunglasses are my own. 


  1. I love the yellow on you!

    1. Thanks! I love those yellow shades, too! Such a bright, fun color.

  2. love the holly golightly sunnies the best!!


    1. It's funny - they are such an iconic frame...and they seem to look good on everyone!

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  4. The Manhattan or Wayfarer, but not in blue. Great post!

    1. I love the Manhattan - they are so on my holiday wish list!

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