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Open Toe Winter Shoes

It's October, which, Saturday Night Live reminds us, "is not quite yet the holidays". Or, as we Bostonians call this time of year, 'That Three to Four Weeks When We Can Wear Inappropriate Winter Shoes'. You know the shoes of which I speak: open toed boots, sandals made from fur, ankle bootie-sandals... or shoes like the ones I'm wearing. These aren't summer shoes; with their open toe and requirement for bare legs, they have a temperature range of 56-63 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This is a small thermal window of fashion opportunity, which makes me wonder: How do people style inappropriate winter footwear? I suppose one could wear them with footless tights, pants and even (gasp!) regular tights. Those options may be fine for a winter in, say, Houston, but I'll be slogging through ten inches of snow on the regular by the end of November. I guess I'll just follow one of two mantras: (1) Beauty is pain. Or, (2) Buy a large enough bag to carry two pairs of shoes - those for the commute, and those for your destination.

Do you have any inappropriate winter shoes? How do you style them?

DRESS: Thrifted (no label) SHOES: Second Time Around BELT: Second Time Around COAT: BNX (Swapped !) Sunglasses: Gucci BAG: Second WATCH: Michael Kors