Performancing Metrics


Striped Blouse, Leather Skirt

It had been a pretty rough day for my friend, Michele. Being the great pals that we are, Najeema and I decided on a sure fire way to cheer her up. So we threw her in the car, drove out to the 'burbs, and hit up Savers.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I had long heard tales of Savers - a thrift shop of seemingly epic proportions, where folks pick up all kinds of astounding goodies for mere dollars. So when the store contacted me about their grand opening in Hanover, I was psyched to go check it out. Armed with a gift certificate, the three of us set off to save. And save we did! Najeema walked away with some Jimmy Choos. Michele found a beautiful winter white coat. And I picked up some blouses, shoes, jackets and some (brand new) work out gear. We drove back to the city, with five bags of loot stashed in the trunk, giggling about our stellar purchases. Bad day solved - bargain shopping can be very therapeutic!

*Gift certificate c/o Savers. Opinions expressed are my own.

BLOUSE: Le Caviar (thrifted c/o Savers) SKIRT: Banana Republic JACKET: Target BELT: Yves St. Laurent via Second Time Around SHOES: BCBGeneration WATCH: Michael Kors BRACELET: c/o Stella & Dot BAG: Banana Republic SUNGLASSES: Gucci