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In Everday Life: Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

If you're like me (and, well, everyone else) you're pretty crazy about Game of Thrones. Maybe it's the indomitable female characters, maybe it's the unexpected storyline, maybe it's the remarkable costumes. But just because you're really not a Queen or a Khaleesi, it doesn't mean you can't dress like one in everyday life!

House Lannister (Lion) MAILLOT: Matches, EARRINGS: ASOS  House Baratheon (Stag)  SWEATSHIRT: Shop The Trend, BRACELET: Alkemie  House Targaryen (Dragon) DRESS: Issa, CUFF: Marc by Marc Jacobs  House Stark (Wolf) EARRINGS: ASOS,  DRESS: McQ Alexander McQueen


  1. Ramon Ramon9/19/2012

    You totally need that lion bathing suit...just saying.

  2. Have literally only watched two episodes and can already tell how hooked I'm going to be. Love this set!! That pullover needs to be in my life.

    1. I love the books! I am on the fourth one, so I know what's going to happen this season on the HBO series. But don't worry! No spoilers!

  3. Ok I think I need to check this guy out. But that dress is to die for. Love.

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