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Florals and Ruffles

Here's the part where I'm supposed to talk about my outfit. But I'm writing this as the Closing Ceremonies for the London 2012 Olympics are being broadcast and I'm feeling so despondent. I just love the Olympics! There were so many great moments, especially with the American woman. Our first gold in judo. Our amazing gymnasts. The super swift swimmers and runners. Soccer, volleyball and basketball! I'm sad these Olympics are over, but as I see the plans that Brazil has for the next summer games... well, if their Closing Ceremony performance was any indication, those games are going to be faaaaantastic. Perhaps I was subconsciously channeling Rio when I donned this dress...

DRESS: Target SHOES: Coach BAG: vintage (brand: Sambena) WATCH: Michael Kors BRACELET: c/o The Fashion Truck EARRINGS: similar (under $20!) SUNGLASSES: Gucci


  1. I loved watching the closing ceremonies!
    The dress is fab and looks like it could be a perfect fall transition piece with tights and a blazer.
    Happy Monday!

    1. How right you are - it was great for a summer afternoon and would look fab with a blazer and boots as well!

  2. The closing ceremonies were amazing. Aaaaand I need that fun dress immediately. I need all of your clothes all the time.

  3. Anonymous8/14/2012

    Love this dress! And the bag too, so cute. This is the first time in my life that I haven't watched the olympics since my husband and I ditched our cable. I am seriously sad about missing out!!

  4. Loving you in this!!!

  5. This dress is so flirty and fun! I could see it being a great dress to wear out dancing! I'm sad the Olympics are over too, but it just makes it sweeter the next time they come around! :)


  6. Those photos are lovely!! xx