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Breezy Polka Dots

Last night I was watching "Friends" on Nick at Nite (is it weird to anyone else that Friends is on Nick at Nite?). One of my favorite episodes was on - "The One Where No One is Ready", which should really be named, "The One Where Monica is Breezy". Remember that one? Monica is leaving a message on her ex-boyfriend's machine and is desperately trying to make it sound casual and "breezy" (she fails miserably). Monica should have been wearing a dress like this one while leaving her message - something bright, simple and fun. While she usually left the little sundresses to Rachel, I can't imagine she'd have any problem being breezy in this!

DRESS: Swapped! (Brand: Spencer Jeremy) SHOES: Coach NECKLACE: Forever 21 (here in silver!) WATCH: Michael Kors SUNGLASSES: H&M