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Hot Pink, Neon Green

I had been looking forward to Sunday afternoon all week. Brunch and Batman with my friends Najeema and Michele? YES, please. And then Najeema totally upped the ante - after sangria, she pulled out a bag out from under the table, saying, "Soooo I don't wear these anymore, do you two want them"? She then proceeded to dump the cutest clothes and lipsticks down on the table...  I snatched this silk blouse up before the sentence was even out of her mouth. Poor Michele didn't stand a chance! I've already planned 7 different ways to wear it - I predict you'll be seeing this little gem all over this blog. So thanks, Najeema - this is why I love swaps (and friends)!

(See another look from Najeema's hand-me-downs: a pink and blue leopard skirt!)

TOP: Forever 21 (hand me down from Najeema!) PANTS: Alexander McQueen (via Susie's Limited in Aspen, CO) SHOES: Marc by Marc Jacobs BAG: ASOS NECKLACES: (Pearls) Gifts, (Chain) Guess WATCH: Michael Kors BRACELET c/o Stella & Dot SUNGLASSES: Gucci