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Ben Chmura at StyleWeek Providence

Alien. We've heard the word used to describe a number of avant-garde designers' work. But Ben Chmura took the term to a whole new level for his show on Saturday at StyleWeek Providence. His collection, NIBIRU, is based on The Twelfth Planet and conceptualizes aliens visiting Earth to help the human race evolve. Sound like a weird concept? Sure, but so was Janelle MonĂ¡e's concept of cutting a two-part album based on alien robots in love, and look how well that turned out! But one supposes we should not expect less from a man who themed his Project Runway fashion week presentation off a Ray Bradbury novel. Using synthetic fabrics and waxed fibers, Chmura's garments are made to endure (intergalactic?) travel. Both menswear and womenswear feature psychedelic, graphic prints that are anything but hippie, designed by Chmura himself. In fact, his menswear and womenswear designs are eerily and wonderfully similar - the androgyny of the future?

Just call it Science Fashion.  

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Womenswear looks at Ben Chmura

Menswear pieces at Ben Chmura

The designer, Ben Chmura
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