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Yellow Clover by Sarah Elizabeth at StyleWeek Providence

Statement skirts

Clashing prints. Shoes that resemble alien hooves. Unrecognizable shapes. Don't get me wrong - I love designs that push fashion's boundaries. But we still need designers who are interested in creating garments that are wearable, ladylike and, dare I say it? Pretty. Designer Sarah Prost got the memo with her line, Yellow Clover by Sarah Elizabeth.

Trained at the now closed Helen Lefeaux, Prost has been known to use menswear fabrics for her womenswear and to rework vintage pieces into funky-beautiful garments. For her Fall/Winter 2012 collection, An Ageless Reflection, Prost used a natural, almost zen-like color palette of olive, navy, granite and charcoal, tailored in classic, but fresh cuts. Peter Pan collars and pussy bows added a vintage-y feel to to several of the pieces, balanced by the modernity of tulip skirts, peplums and statement sleeves. The collection was versatile but fluid - with each piece given a "water name" like Diona, Aadre or Nawfar, one supposes fluidity is a given! Some pieces seemed a bit unadventurous (a plain brown coat with a wide collar and black edging), but, thanks to details like vintage glass buttons and hints of lace, basic pieces were made memorable. The overall collection gave the feeling of discovering a wonderful wardrobe staple that, on closer inspection, becomes a wardrobe showstopper. 

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Strong, structured and sexy
Powerful with peplum and a Peter Pan collar

The beauty is in the details

You can learn more about Yellow Clover by Sarah Elizabeth here.