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Seriously Slouchy

I had planned this outfit differently. I recently took in a skirt to be hemmed and planned to wear that with this sweater...however, I think the tailor just gave the skirt back to me, unaltered. Either that, or I am getting shorter! So there I was, standing in my closet, the clock rapidly ticking away. I grabbed this anchor print midi skirt; at first not really even considering it. The skirt's volume and the sweater's slouchiness together seemed a little Derelicte. But, in the end, for a crisp autumn day, the outfit ended up being cozy and relaxing, especially for getting out the door in a hurry. What do you think - would you wear unstructured clothes on top and bottom?

Skirt: Thrifted (The Garment District)
Sweater: The Gap
Necklaces: Vintage, Guess
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Tilly's
Scarf: ???
Trench: Converse One Star for Target

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  1. Anonymous10/13/2011

    Hahaah "derelicte" lol! I think it works - and what are your boots; love the colour.

    P.S There's a jewellery giveaway happening over at Fashionhogger if you wanted to stop by!

  2. Anonymous10/13/2011

    Too cute!! Literally think I am wearing the same sweater today in black haha :)

  3. love the look, perfect for fall!
    My Fashion Bug

  4. Girl, not derelicte! You look very 70's casual and chic. I really, really like your skirt.

    ps- miss you!

  5. Anonymous10/13/2011

    I have that sweater. I bought mine a little smaller, but I love how yours is a little bigger and slouchy-er (okay, that is certainly not a word). Adorable look!

  6. I love the length and color/style of the skirt Kristen and the boots look super cute with it. Great casual outfit..I really like it!

  7. cute skirt! love the pattern and it looks so easy and effortless :)

    i loved going to BFW- hopefully i can make a show or 2 next year!

  8. you look gorgeous and I love your shades! anyway I enjoy reading your blog a lot. will sure pop by another time! let's keep in touch okay. following you now.


  9. Haha I would have taken it back to complain.. I think they did that to me with a pair of pants.. I too thought I got shorter! Hmm as always, you look amazing!

    Love! ~Angel

  10. lovely skirt ;)

  11. I love this outfit! The mixing matching, the layering, the nude colors, totally see myself in it :)

  12. that skirt is super cute; love the material!

    i wore two baggy items last week and loved it, but definitely felt disheveled. when part of the outfit has a little bit of structure, but still loose, is the best. you don't want to wear two shapeless items. both of your pieces have just enough structure to look like you didn't just grab something out of the closet and run out the door.

    you look lovely!

  13. This wasn't my most sophisticated look...but you can be sophisticated all the time - sometimes you need to let the granola out???

  14. I love the Zoolander reference! I think you look great - casual, but not disheveled. You're right that you can't look sophisticated and prim ALL the time (where's the fun in that?).