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The condor was perched overhead, massive wings folded back, beady eyes latched onto me and Mr. BF. "Whoa", said Mr. BF, "This bird is amazing, I can't believe we have condors here at the Franklin Park Zoo". But I wasn't even remotely interested in the mighty, majestic bird a few feet above us - my eyes were locked onto the ground, where an intrepid chipmunk was darting back and forth, stealing food from the condor's supply of grain. I grew up way out in the country in Oklahoma, so you would think that creatures like squirrels, rabbits, and possums would be old hat to me. And you would think correctly. But somehow - somehow - I had never seen a chipmunk before. So I was enchanted with the adorable, scurrying creature who was either brave enough or stupid enough to plunder condor food! This took place several years ago, so, why, do you ask, do I bring this up? Because the entire time I was taking these outfit photos, a veritable family of chipmunks was frolicking all around me. It took me forever to take the shots, because I kept giggling and cooing at their antics! In the middle of a very busy day, it was a delightful respite. Am I crazy, or can a random happenstance become the highlight of your day?

Top: Thrifted
Jacket: Target
Shoes: Kate Spade
Watch: Michael Kors
Belt: Consigned (via Second Time Around)
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters