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I was a little slow to get on board with the maxi dress trend, but, as you can see, I'm now full steam ahead! I'm five-foot two, so originally I shied away from length, thinking it would make me appear even shorter (isn't that what conventional wisdom tells us?). But even we petites can wear a maxi dress! Here's a few tips:
  • It helps to pick a dress with some structure and shape built in. This one has a fitted bust, and a straight, uninterrupted column shape which can create a long, lean line - certainly a plus for petites!
  • Keep it casual - a denim jacket (or a leather motorcycle jacket) can keep the look lighthearted. In addition, if your dress doesn't have the above mentioned shape, a jacket can help create form.
  • Limit the fuss and keep the jewelry minimal. That doesn't necessarily mean tiny (especially if the print on the dress is not too wild), but it can mean limiting a statement piece to just that - one piece.
  • Heels can be great with a long length, but make sure the skirt almost touches the ground. Better to wear flats than show your ankles in heels with a longer skirt.
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    Jacket: DKNY
    Boots: Intermix
    Necklace: Obelisk Art
    Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

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    1. Anonymous10/18/2011

      I thought you were 5'6 +! Amazing; what a pretty necklace, too.

    2. @fashionhogger. I think people think I am taller, because in photos on the blog, there is often nothing else with which to compare me! Thanks RE: the necklace - it was an anniversary gift from Mr. BF.

    3. I love this look and so glad you jumped on the maxi train!! I'll show you a way to change the dress to a hi-lo dress tomorrow!!

    4. We are so on the same page - I have a biker theme to today's outfit post too!

      You're right about maxi dresses needing some shape, especially when you're on the short side.

    5. You're make me sooooo regret not getting that Anthropologie dress! You look great.

    6. i love this maxi on you! i am only 5'3'' and i totally wear maxis, i don't think they make me look shorter. i agree with your rules!



    7. Anonymous10/18/2011

      Beautiful dress! And that jacket is awesome.

    8. You know I eyed this dress at Anthro for my vaca too right? We definitely need to set up a date soon to talk tropical vacas.

    9. Love the entire look and I just looked at the dress and guessed it was Anthro..had to be b/c it was so amazing.

    10. @Noelani Yes! You look so glamorous in all your vacation photos! I however, whore hiking gear most of the time...

    11. You pull off the Maxi Dress well! I love the edgy/romantic mix! Great jacket
      Shasie of Live Life in Style