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I was a little slow to get on board with the maxi dress trend, but, as you can see, I'm now full steam ahead! I'm five-foot two, so originally I shied away from length, thinking it would make me appear even shorter (isn't that what conventional wisdom tells us?). But even we petites can wear a maxi dress! Here's a few tips:
  • It helps to pick a dress with some structure and shape built in. This one has a fitted bust, and a straight, uninterrupted column shape which can create a long, lean line - certainly a plus for petites!
  • Keep it casual - a denim jacket (or a leather motorcycle jacket) can keep the look lighthearted. In addition, if your dress doesn't have the above mentioned shape, a jacket can help create form.
  • Limit the fuss and keep the jewelry minimal. That doesn't necessarily mean tiny (especially if the print on the dress is not too wild), but it can mean limiting a statement piece to just that - one piece.
  • Heels can be great with a long length, but make sure the skirt almost touches the ground. Better to wear flats than show your ankles in heels with a longer skirt.
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    Jacket: DKNY
    Boots: Intermix
    Necklace: Obelisk Art
    Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

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