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An Important Client

Occasionally I'm asked if I can style someone for an event, or assist with building a wardrobe. I love helping people look their best! But Sunday, I had my most important "client" to date - Mr. BF. When we first met, my main squeeze was quite the savvy dresser - jackets that fit perfectly, interesting shirt/sweater combinations...I don't think he even owned a pair of jeans! But I guess six years of marriage challenged his apparel a bit (and perhaps the fact that his wife appropriates considerable space in our tiny, Boston closets). Lately he's fallen into a rut of jeans and plaid shirts. He decided it was time to do a little shopping, try something new, and get sartorially set for fall. 

We spent a good amount of time (along with Edem of The Urbane Club) at Banana Republic, trying on sweaters and pants. I have to hand it to Mr. BF - there was an entire wall of plaid shirts, calling to him like a siren, but he really stepped outside his comfort zone to try on sweaters in...I can't believe I am saying this...actual colors. At the urging of myself and Edem, he tried on a camel coat and he liked it!

I'm hoping to convince Mr. BF to make a cameo appearance on the blog in some of his new digs - he looks seriously dapper. What's your favorite menswear look? Do you prefer an edgy quality, or pulled-together, classic style?

Chandelier print top: Trinity (via Mint Julep)
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Walter Steiger (vintage)
Coat: Searle
Stole: purchased on vacation in Peru
Sunglasses: Tilly's

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