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Missing Mr. BF

Today I dropped Mr. BF off at the airport. He's on his way to Costa Rica for eleven days on an expedition; I'll meet him, and then we'll vacation together for another eleven days. Very exciting, but it is hard having him gone, already!

When your loved ones aren't around, there are different stages: First, the airport, where you hug them so hard they can scarcely breathe, and you inhale the smell of their hair and their skin and you will your fingers to remember, remember, remember how it feels to hold their hand. Then you go about your day, just like any other day, and you know that they are gone, and it is odd how that knowledge contrasts with your normal life. Then you get home and you fix all the things in the apartment they do "wrong" - you know, you make the bed, organize the pantry, etc. You might even enjoy it the first night - the bed all to yourself! But then you start to think you hear them in the next room, or you wish you could tell them the stupid little stories that aren't important enough to share during the brief phone calls you get. And get used to it. And then they come back and you are SO GLAD, but why on earth won't they keep the fridge in the perfect, brilliant order in which you have it organized?

Mind you, I'm only talking about two weeks. I can't imagine being without your partner for really long periods of time - when they come back, it must be like having to learn each other all over again. My hat is off to all of those military spouses out there - for so many reasons, but for especially for the strength, conviction and courage of your relationships.

Dress: Thrifted
Scarf: Vintage via Bobby of Boston
Shoes: Kate Spade
Bracelet: c/o Ann Taylor
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

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  1. such a chic look! great dress. lucky man to be spending 22 days in will have an amazing time too!

  2. you look fabulous!!!

    and i feel you it is bittersweet to have your apartment all to yourself. i get to be a bit messy and sleep all spread out, but i miss my man!


  3. I love this outfit SO much! And hope Mr BF has fun in the jungle!

  4. I totally agree and I don't know how some military wives/girlfriends do it. Great outfit though!

  5. first of all that dress is beautiful on you and second you described that feeling so perfect! I hope it goes by quick for you and then you can enjoy a wonderful vacation with Mr.BF

  6. Your shoes are so cute!

  7. My husband is out of town too :(

    I always forget how much I miss him when he's gone - makes me realize how much I take him for granted.

    Love the leaf print on that dress.

  8. I can never sleep alone....I hate it!! I have been missing my Mr. big time and I am so happy to finally have him home next to me on the couch....talking to me while I try and catch up on my blogs;) Wouldn't have it any other way!

  9. at least you get a vacation at the end of it! that sounds like a great reunion!

    dash dot dotty

  10. Love the black and white print with pop of blue

  11. LOVE the dress and love even more that it was thrifted!