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Let's be realistic. You don't tune into this blog every day because you are interested in what I'm wearing. It's okay - my feelings aren't hurt. I know why you're really here! You want to see the cats.

Truman and Clinton have made appearances in numerous posts, and a few eagle-eyed readers even noticed our new addition, Winston, who debuted his modeling career last week. In response to numerous reader requests (ahem, Najeema), today's post will have a daily outfit (see above) and CATS!

Feline Companion #1: Truman
Aka: T, T-Bone, T-Boone, Mr. T, Trumanas, Orange Cat
Age: 8
Enjoys: Eating cat food, leftovers, moths, chips, specks of dirt, and ice cream

Feline Companion #2: Clinton
Aka: Scrabbit, Floofy
Age: 5
Enjoys: Staring out the window at birds, watching ants crawl across the ground, drinking water from human water containers

Feline Companion #3: Winston
Aka: The New Guy, Little Guy, Tornado, The Terror
Age: 3 months
Enjoys: Playing, running, hiding, pouncing, batting, chasing, leaping, stalking....napping

Dress: BCBG (Swapped!)
Shoes: Target
Earrings: Shop Calico
Sunglasses & Watch: Michael Kors