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Boutique Spotlight: St. John

N.B. Photos removed upon request.

A few years ago, St. John tapped Angelina Jolie to be the face of the brand, and I thought, "well clearly they are trying to revamp their reputation". To me, the idea of the brand brought up visions of conservative suits and matronly knits. So when I was recently invited to review the new line (and some sale items!) for St. John, I was curious to see what I would find. Check out some of the looks I discovered - I think you might be surprised!

This dress and jacket are perfect for giving a big presentation or public speaking. Simple and understated, with beautiful details (the buckle on the back of the jacket matches on the front of the dress), I felt like a CEO in this outfit. A fashionable CEO! I'm normally not a fan of the power suit (huge shoulders, unflattering cuts); this suit is powerful without being overpowering.

When Meredith, my stylist for the day, brought in this flouncy taffeta skirt, I gasped. You can tell even on the hanger that is a Magic Skirt! Pair it with a casual silk top, and you have an adorable daytime look, perfect for brunch with your girlfriends.

Pair the same skirt with a shimmery top and gorgeous shoes, and voilĂ ! A flirty and glam evening look! I'll admit it, it was hard for me to take this outfit off. Seriously - Magic Skirt!

We kept calling this piece "The New Year's Eve Dress"; I think our reasons are pretty clear. Covered in pailettes, I felt like a disco ball (I mean that in a good way) as I walked through the room - light seemed to be dancing off of me every which way I turned. I guess all the glitter inspired us; Meredith pulled out some jewelery and set it up in this case, almost like an old-school cigarette tray. 

Another one of my favorites from the afternoon was the Milano dress. I tried in on in a beige, but they have several colors. The dress looks pretty basic, and it is, but it's meant to be! I am a firm believer that you could wear this dress anywhere. Need to run some errands? Pair it with flats and a structured bag. Office? Throw on a cardigan or blazer. Cocktails? Don some killer heels and a statement necklace. This dress certainly doesn't have the sparkle of The New Year's Ever Dress; when you wear the Milano, you're the star.

Finally, since winter will be here before we know it - check out this lovely coat (like this, but with fur cuffs)! The fur cuffs unbutton, and it's inner liner zips out, making this the ideal coat for fall and winter. Seriously - don't you just want to snuggle up in that?

Chatting with Meredith about her clientele, it's clear St. John isn't what I thought it was. Stodgy, goodness no. Timeless? Absolutely. This is investment dressing, people - you will have any of these pieces for a lifetime. And now is a pretty good time to consider expanding your portfolio - St. John will be having a sale starting Wednesday at their Boston location! I know the Magic Skirt is going to be 40% off... give Meredith a call (she's fun, has a great eye and is delightfully down-to-earth) and snag some of these looks for yourself! 

I'm on vacation until October 10th, but never fear, Outfit posts (with photos) are scheduled for next week while I am away. Be sure to tune in!