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One of my favorite things about late summer is the tomato harvest. All of a sudden, come mid-August, the Farmer's Markets are brimming with robust, juicy, flavorful tomatoes. These aren't your February grocery store tomatoes imported from Chile. No, these are heirloom, picked this morning, don't-bother-slicing-just-take-a-bite-right-out-of-them tomatoes! Thank goodness, Allandale Farm in Brookline shares this passion, and every year, they spotlight their love for tomatoes at their annual tomato festival. For a few dollars, you can enjoy at least fifty different kinds of heirloom tomatoes on their tomato tasting table, as well as sweet grilled corn, iced tea, peach cobbler, and the musical stylings of a bluegrass band. As for my outfit - it was so humid I decided to wear the most breathable, soft, breezy item I could find in my closet, along with a big hat to keep the sun out of my face. Maybe not my most chic look, but it was appropriate for the day!

See Mr. BF's tasting notes for the different types of heirlooms...

Dress: Swapped
Cuff: c/o Ann Taylor
Sunglasses: Michael Kors
Belt: Modcloth
Bag: Gift from my friend Rupali
Scarf (tied to bag): Raided from my Mother's closet years ago


  1. I love your hat and shoes!

  2. i LOVE tomatoes! i like to eat them with some salt on them. yummy! also i love that hat :)



  3. omg that sounds amazing! i never really cared for tomatoes until i had one fresh off the vine. it's like night & day! yumyumyumyumyum :)

    you look so lovely and ladylike in that dress! the hat is a perfect compliment!

    awkwardly chic

  4. I would have loved to go to that! All of the tomatoes look amazing and your outfits looks perfect for the humid day

  5. This outfit is adorable... so perfectly summer chic, especially with the floppy hat. - Katy

  6. You look so cute and summery! Love the hat!
    Our summer has been so hot that no one has tomatoes. :( Those look delicious!

  7. Tomato time is DEFINITELY the best time of year!!

  8. OMG those shoes are from Target?! GREAT find!

  9. Gorgeous look, I love the detail on the shoes. I recently just because obsessed with tomatoes!!! I love them, and had all these summer recipes for preparing them
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  10. Love the details of your hat and shoes!


  11. How fun!!! and wow loving your sandals the detail is amazing.

    <3 Marina

  12. Is there anything better than a good tomato? Caprese salads, panzanella, BLTs... love them all. You look so cute in your hat!